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About Us

Cyclo-Café team Andre et JohannaCyclo-Café team Andre et JohannaThe idea of Cyclo-Café was formed in 2012 as a way to bring together all peoples, of all background, to enjoy together, the most beautiful, vibrant, historical city the world has ever known, Paris.

Cyclo-Café is the newest and most innovative way to explore Paris’ most famous neighbourhood with all its glamour, history and excitement. You will be welcomed aboard a 16 person, motorless & ecological bicycle. Choose to come with your family, friends, colleagues, or book one of our special tours for individuals and couples, to enjoy a unique experience with other adventurous tourists or curious local Parisiennes.

Don’t forget the Food!

There has always been something about food & drink that turns any event, into the most memorable of occasions. Uniquely, on Cyclo-Café, we combine:

  • An ecological tour of Paris
  • A friendly and diverse group of people
  • The tastiest and famous local French specialties!

After boarding Cyclo-Café, we will together wind down the streets of Paris, stopping at the best, local Bakeries, Artisan Food Boutiques, Cheese & Wine Shops. Here, your appealing eyes will do the work for you, as you load up on goodies.

…And off we go, to share a picnic under the blue Parisian sky, with the inquisitive Eiffel Tower watching over us.

After sharing, eating, laughing and socializing, together we will bike Cyclo-Café to burn off the picnic calories. When the tour ends, make sure to exchange information with your new friends, smile and take pictures. Maybe you will want to bring home a T-Shirt to remember your first Cyclo-Café experience…

Please spread the word on Cyclo-Café and we look forward to welcoming!