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Andrew Lyons – Founder CEO

Was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of Carnegie, Warhol and the Steelers. He graduated from Michigan State University with a major in Supply Chain Management. Andrew pursued the dream of international adventure and moved to Paris in 2006. Throughout his career, he travelled extensively in Europe, Asia & the Americas, taking time to learn and enjoy every multi-cultural involvement. Andrew earned French Citizenship in 2012 and is devoted to community activism, positive integration of diverse people into a common, friendly, fun culture. In 2014, Andrew launched Cyclo-Café, in devotion to his love of Paris and to introduce promote and share unique experiences with peoples of all backgrounds.

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Daniel Lavelle – Chief Technology Officer

Was born in Chicago, Illinois, known as the “Windy City”, also the birthplace of American icons Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan & Barak Obama. In his rightful place amongst such legends, Dan graduated from UOP in San Diego with a BSIT degree. During his 8 years in San Diego, California he developed his expertise in email marketing and his natural skill of connecting people. Dan moved to Prague in 2007, then Paris in 2009 to internationally develop his business, which is comprised of a digital marketing service, iPhone app, and a host of other upcoming projects. He has been an integral part in the planning and web development of Cyclo-Café.

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Rosemarie Reyes – Roseworks-Marketing

Rose was born in New York and began working in tourism with tour wholesalers in New York and France. In 2002, she started, a strategic communications and marketing consulting firm specializing in tourism and entertainment. Her many clients include Broadway, shows such as MAMMA MIA!, WICKED, BLUE MAN GROUP, and CHICAGO. Rosemarie has also written advertising/marketing copy for various New York tourism entities such as Planet Hollywood, Madame Tussauds and the Wax Museum. She has actively volunteered in many tourism and is a frequent guest lecturer on behalf of the tourism industry. Rosemarie has traveled to over 30 countries and relishes the idea of adding a new destination each year. Rosemarie holds degrees from CUNY, City College, National University of Ireland Galway and Columbia University, and speaks 4 foreign languages.

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Eb Theodore – Responsable Gestion d' Affaires/ Business Development & Management

Eberle Theodore (a.k.a) Monsieur Internationale, was born in Mexico. His family relocated to Morocco where he spent his adolescent years. Eb then moved back Stateside, where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida. Eb moved to Paris in 2013 and works for a multi-national French corporation. He joined the Cyclo-Café team in 2015 as a great match for his love of the outdoors, cycling and meeting new people. Eb enjoys to ask "why not" rather than "why" and fits the Cyclo-Café esprit du corps, when he says "Go Big or Go Home."

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Sue Lyons – Creative Designer

Was born in Detroit, Michigan, home of Michael Jackson, Mo-Town and the V-8 automotive engine. Sue graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Art and Art History, Sue then moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where she pursued her career in Fine Arts and Education, instilling creativity and artistic discipline in student from primary school, through University. She has also fulfilled her career portfolio with contracts ranging from portraits to murals for both private collectors and institutions. Sue is the creative genius behind the artistical design of Cyclo-Cafe.