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Rose Reyes - Roseworks-Marketing

Born in New York of Dominican parents, I am a writer of poems and stories. I feel that life is one long novel divided into chapters. My chapters change as I change my residence. I write about America, my homeland, and all its possibilities. I worked for many years in tourism and I established myself as a tourism marketing consultant in the years since. And I continued to write. I completed my B.A. in Literature at City College CUNY. My undergraduate thesis, a memoir called Somewhere in Between, won the 2006 Edward Riviera Autobiography Award. My poems and short stories were published by CUNY’s Promethean Literary and City at the Center Magazines. I write about my beautiful time in Ireland which I will never forget. While there I completed an International Contemporary Literature. Now I am writing from France where everything in my life is illuminated differently. After completing a M.A. in History & Literature in Paris through Columbia University, NY, I am now a PhD student in the city of light and write about all the places in between. I belong nowhere and everywhere. Many things can happen before you turn the page to the next chapter of your life. Sometimes letting go is about not giving up and it’s almost always about love.

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