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Cyclo-Café Basic Food and Drink Packages
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Basic Package: up to 15 people, pack your own picnic, for an exciting ride around the beautiful 7eme Arrondisment of Paris. A truly unique experience. More details...

Cyclo-Café Wine and Cheese Package
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Wine & Cheese Package: up to 15 people, our professional Sommelier (wine expert), will give a course of French wines, accompanied by delicious French cheese & fresh breads. More details...

Cyclo-Café Team-building Food and Drink Package
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Team Building Package: up to 15 of your colleagues will experience teamwork in action as you pedal your way around Paris. Your collaborative experience will include French Apero/ Aperitif. More details...

Cyclo-Café Custom Event Food and Drink Package
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Custom Event Package: ‘Creativity’ is synonymous for Cyclo-Café. Special event, holiday, wedding to celebrate… We offer unforgettable, custom made events for groups up to 15 people, special theme, food and drink included. More details...

Basic Packages

Cyclo-Café Map and FunFirst, an introduction to the Cyclo-Café, for those new to this fun a concept. We offer basic rental/ tour packages, for those on a budget or those desiring their own handpicked picnic items (fun idea, we can also stop at specialty shops along the way).

You will climb aboard a 16 person, motorless bicycle. Together, we will pedal our way through the beautiful and historical 7eme Arrondisement of Paris. Stopping to enjoy some French Food & Wine in front of the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides or other iconic monuments. Don’t forget your camera!

Basic Packages are the most affordable!
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Wine & Cheese Packages

Cyclo-Café Wine and Cheese TastingsJoin Cyclo-Café for a tour of all the senses. Taste and learn about different kinds of great French wines, hand-picked from our professional Sommelier (une personne ayant des compétences en dégustation du vin, oenologie et en accords).

Cyclo-Cafe will offer a breath-taking atmosphere, with the Parisian monuments as the backdrop to this course. We will also offer French cheeses and breads accompanying your palette on this journey involving all your senses. Don’t forget your camera!

Wine & Cheese rides are the most popular!
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Team Building & Business Promotion Packages

Cyclo-Café Teambuilding FunCyclo-Café offers a truly unique team experience. Once aboard, 15 colleagues will take teamwork to whole new level, as you collaboratively pedal your way around Paris. Polish your group management and persuasion skills. Propel your team to achieve its goals, while having fun.

Launching a new product or business in Paris? You can not find a better venue for the image and visibility your company seeks. Cyclo-Café naturally provides hundreds of curious and smiling individuals, as they are drawn to the bike.

French food, drinks and snacks can be provided to add to this enjoyable experience.

Team-building packages are innovative!
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Custom Event Package

Cyclo-Café Custom Events like Halloween‘Creativity’ and ‘Innovation’ are at the heart of the Cyclo-Café experience. Our mission is to create a safe and truly memorable occasion for your group. Whether celebrating a Holiday, Birthday, Wedding or Special Surprise, the Cyclo-Café team will help realize your ideas.

This is the full service package (everything included). Our events can be custom tailored in terms of themes, decorations as well as food and drink offerings.

Custom packages are the most creative!
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Cyclo-Café Basic Food and Drink Package

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