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The Route


The Route Cyclo-Café has chosen the most beautiful and lively route that Paris has to offer. Let’s start by biking around the Golden Dome of “Les Invalides”, pausing to salute France’s injured and fallen heroes, including a certain Napoleon Bonaparte.

From there Cyclo-Café will take you down the winding and fashionable streets of the historical 7th district. Here you will find French Gourmet Delights, Breads, Pastries, Cold-Cuts, Cheese & Wine amongst the colourful French Markets. All comes from the freshly made, culinary renowned Parisian local businesses. Don’t be shy, give into your eyes, stomachs and taste-buds. This begins the culinary adventure only Cyclo-Café can offer.

From the cobblestone, ancient, pedestrian streets of Rue Cler, we will bike our “loot” over to Paris’ most famous resident, The Eiffel Tower. Here we will all indulge together, a picnic of French Delicacies under the watchful eye of “La Dame de Fer”. Eat, Drink, share stories, laugh and enjoy the moment. You are now a part of the “Cyclo-Café” family.

The picnic will leave your spirits high and you bellies full. We go back on Cyclo-Café to burn off all those calories, the amazing French Cuisine has graced upon us. When we arrive back at the tour stop, don’t forget to take photos and swap information with all the people you have shared this truly unique, Parisian experience with.

We hope Cyclo-Café has sufficiently enticed you to join us. Or, if you are already a member of the “Cyclo-Café” family we warmly welcome you to join us again!

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