Let’s explore Paris together.cyclo-cafe_logo

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new concept called “Cyclo-Café” that has launched here in Paris, France, the most visited tourist destination in the world! Cyclo-Café is a fun new way to visit Paris with family and friends where you will board a picnic-style bike and pedal your way between destinations together as a group.

Cyclo-Café tour packages will include monuments, shopping, boutiques and gastronomy. It is ideal for your Parisian visits, picnics, birthdays, marriages, parties or other events including concerts, food and wine tastings or artistic performances.

At the heart of the Cyclo-Café is a shared mode of transportation, which while being 100% carbon free and eco-friendly, is a healthy and cooperative means of enjoying beautiful weather and events is one.

Sign-up now and become one of the first to enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable experience aboard the Cycle Café!