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Rollin Pic-Nic @ Cyclo-Café

‘C’est sûrement la façon la plus originale de fêter le 4 juillet. Un tour en vélo organisé par des expats américains pour découvrir Paris autrement et rendre hommage à leur nation. Au programme, une balade avec 16 personnes sur un vélo géant. Vous sillonnerez le 7e arrondissement tout en écoutant de la musique live – des classiques américains évidemment – jouée par un musicien présent sur le bolide. Immersion totale !’
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Cyclo-Café launches in Paris, a unique way to dine and visit Paris

‘Cyclo-Café Paris, a group activity combining gastronomy, culture and Paris for up to 16 participants has arrived! Located in the 7th arrondissement, this novel concept brings together the sights, sounds and tastes of Paris for young and old alike, aiming to move participants away from ‘visiting’ Paris towards ‘living’ Paris.’
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A New Business Ventures into Auto-Entrepreneur Land

‘If you’re out wandering the Paris streets one day and you happen to see a huge bicycle in the shape of a restaurant table, with 16 people peddling along while tucking into charcuterie, French cheeses and bottles of wine, then you’ve just witnessed the Cyclo-Café’
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An Entrepreneur in Paris Launches Cyclo-Café

What is Cyclo-Café? Cyclo-Café is the abstract product of my life’s jumbled adventures. It is my ‘labor of love’ for the beautiful city of Paris. It is also my vision, my hope, for what Paris becomes in the near future: a happier, more energetic, friendly and smiling place in which we share.’
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On The Cyclo Café (Rejected in Paris is a writer’s blog)

‘ This is a relatively new touring option in Paris, optimized for the local expat market. In other words, if you speak English and you live in Paris, you’re going to have an amazing time on the Cyclo Café. Tourists and visitors can privatize the bike also, which makes for a unique group experience. Traveling with your entire family? I’m sorry. Hey, call these guys.’
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3 – Let’s explore Paris together

‘Great experience for a fun tour in Paris with your family or friends: you cycle, drink and eat and in the meantime admire all the nice spots of Paris. Cyclo-Café will make your ride on memorable, this Is a must do experience in Paris!!’
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